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Natural Voices is worth considering  if you want to enjoy singing with others in Walthamstow E17. It is a Ladies choir singing contemporary music, pop, musical theatre and other hits.

NATURAL VOICES Cinema in Walthamstow is not dead. Film showings every other Thursday at the Orford House Social Club.

If you think the planet is worth saving this is the place to support. Brilliant and tasty veggie food and lovely cappuccinos.

This is a classical guitar dealer in Sevenoaks, Kent. Knowledgeable and honest sales advice. I bought my last guitar here and I will buy my next one here as well. For beginners I recommend the Altamira N200 - fantastic value for money. And no, I am not on commission.

Rhythm workshops that are fun challenging and rewarding. Ta Ke Ti Na goes deep into the roots of your rhythm.

For musicians, dancers and everybody else

IDEAS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE” Beautiful and good quality children’s clothing and activities for the small ones. Wood Street Walthamstow E17